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Sheritta Bitikofer

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Sheritta Bitikofer

Sheritta Bitikofer is an author of paranormal and historical fiction. She lives for the deep, engaging stories that enthrall readers from cover to cover. As a wife and mother of eclectic tastes, she can be found roaming Civil War battlefields, haunting her local coffeeshop, or relaxing with a plate of chili cheese fries.

When she's not writing her next novel or taking care of her daughter, Sheritta enjoys diving into the fascinating and complex history of the American Civil War. With a BA in American History from American Public University, her primary focus of study is the many human-interest stories that embody the spirit of the mid-nineteenth century. 


Best Sellers

the enigma loup-garou series book 1 sheritta bitikofer

The Engima (Book 1 of Loup-Garou Series)

the rose redemption duet book 1 sheritta bitikofer

The Rose (Book 1 of Redemption Duet)

the legend the legacy series book 1 sheritta bitikofer

The Legend (Book 1 of Legacy Series)



Thrills and chills, chaos and action make this an awesome read with characters that will pull at yor heart and make you smile.

Terri Hicks (Betwitching Fire)

Very well written emotions and thoughts. Very real building of a relationship and friendship. Relatable events. Her writing pulls you in and has you walking side by side with Belle and Leo. I felt their sadness, their anxiety, and their happiness. I understood where they were coming from and it's a beautiful thing.

An engrossing storyline that this at you right from the start keeping you on edge needing to turn the pages! Captivating chemistry, intense, heartfelt, edgy, unique twists for me anyways, suspense and a perfect HEA!

Treasa (Passions)

Angelina Kerner (The Rose)

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